Monday, September 28, 2009

Have fun using your imagination

Use your imagination to come up with a different or only slightly different outdoor lighting display ideas this year. To achieve the look you’re after, there are many types of lights to choose from that will emphasize your project. LED lights are very energy efficient. Solar lights, of course, are powered by the sun and are very sensible energy savers. Twinkle lights and icicle lights are popular and also are sold in LED. If your home is on a golf course, wrap some blinking white rope lights around your deck railing for the enjoyment of your neighbors across the fairway.

Staying with the traditional

A more traditional idea might be to have someone with artistic ability paint a large wooden picture of a children’s choir (or an angel choir) for your front yard. The new rope lights draped around the edges would be a nice addition to a scene such as this. Rope lights come in clear white or colors, whichever you choose. And there are speaker-spotlights available to add soft Christmas music into the background for a festive touch. Christmas songs such as Silent Night or “Adeste Fedelis” would be good choices. This is just one idea, think of others that you like.

What about a lighted figure?

If you want something more robust for your outdoor lighting display this year and you’re a Harley fan, you might really enjoy getting one of the lighted “Santa riding a Harley” figures for your yard. With so many trying to cut back on fuel use, this is a great time to emphasize bike riding. The lighted Santa, I believe, comes with LED lighting for energy efficiency. Check with your local Christmas lighting store. A few reindeer placed alongside Santa, with a confused look, would be great, as if to say, “Santa, what’s up? You need us to deliver Christmas gifts”.

Put a few ideas down on paper

Develop a Christmas wonderland display. Put small trees, and small lighted buildings on your display table, similar to those used by electric train hobbyists. Include figures of small children and Christmas shoppers rushing about with packages in their arms. Use strings of LED lights to hang about overhead as if they were outdoor mall shopping lights. Now add a spotlight for emphasis and a few solar lights to conserve energy. Particularly if you are retired, this is a great project to begin now for the Christmas holidays. By starting in October, you have plenty of time to get it done.

Something new for your outdoor christmas lights display

Traditionally, you’ve always had the same outdoor lighting display each year. And that’s fine. Family tradition is good. Maybe this year, though, you really have an urge to take your display to a different level. If you are have a woodworking hobby, why not build a small display table and set up a Christmas village. The solar lights would be a great addition to this display -- energy efficient and easy to mount around the table. Put your own personality into your display this year and add attractive outdoor lighting. Use your imagination.